Born into a Transylvanian family, I am the second child of two notable university professors. I follow in my grandmother’s footsteps, Marcela Bobancu, a well-known painter and recognised member of the national artist union.

I pursued my passion for painting, enrolling on my own initiative in the School of Art. Later on, I attend university, specialising in product design and study on a scholarship in London at Buckinghamshire New University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design. My return to the country coincides with the beginning of my professional career as an art director and graphic designer. Throughout my activity, the affinity for visual expression has attracted me to various projects with a framework for expression, that also included several interior design projects.

Painting remains a constant form of expression for me. So far, I exhibited paintings in several exhibitions (group, charity and personal exhibitions) in Bucharest and Brasov.